Lost Heritage

by Calm State



released November 18, 2011

all music and lyrics by Sebastian Florek
features Michal Kulbaka on lead guitars and Oswaldo Andres Sequera on bass (except in 'Autumn Sky')


all rights reserved



Calm State Wicklow, Ireland

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Track Name: Conundrum of S.E.T.I.
Here comes the higher breed
Withholders of the key
To any riddle gnawing at souls led astray
We march for bigger things
Appointed with the right to kill
Transcendent purpose is no coincidence

We know what’s good and bad
Superior moral trait
There is no shame in killing ones we’ve never met
We justify the need
To put ourselves at ease
And stew in the comfort of news on TV screen

The only righteous cause
Inculcated into us
Preserving life, our future is at stake
Seven billion heads to feed
That’s not enough indeed
It’s either us or spinning motion breaks

So are you tempted to stop by
We only want to learn
No reason to be afraid (we’ll love you in return)
And we’ll keep you entertained

Come down and play our game
The riddle that is man
With every consequence
Track Name: Paragon Anew
The end of world is coming
No need to argue over it
Brace yourselves
Hollywood knows best
A man of best selling stories
Has foreseen the twist
Unfolding the greatest threat
Extinction of all men

There is no time for doubts here
We need to reunite with
Any god
Ask for mercy on us
Salvation’s now secured
But we won’t give up so soon
Oppose our fate
And build an ark of fame

Who’s worthy to be rescued
So selfless and devoted
To the crue
Essential to get us through
Those men of better value
Dazzled and hypnotised you
Soon became
The mainstay of human rase

Refined ideals
Detain you
Can do no wrong
They speak of the truth

Lead our way
And show us to your garden
Lead our way
Enlight us with your madness
Track Name: Release the Hounds
I smell
My prey
As it runs into filthy burrow
It stands
No chance
Once you set me on it

I bare
My fangs
With all my hate now drooling on you
I can’t stop
Until you lay stiff, dead

And everyone backs it up
Applauding cheerfully
Like pack of hounds
We are foaming at our mouth
Track Name: Autumn Sky
Toppled from my own
Serene pedestal
By slightest shake of doubt
And disconcert
Tumbling down from skies
Where i have slept till now
In a tumult of surprise
And disbelief

Growing evenly
Those patient footsteps of
Anxiety follow
Every breath
It rushes to my head
With constant echo
If I tame it, we could learn
To coexist

Stunned with all the choice
Of the unknown to come
Each way is padded with
A couple of tears
I blindly look ahead
Hoping to meet what’s passed
So consciously naive
Await my chance

All reflections come to life
Flicker in my eyes
Tempting with their shine
I want to capture every spark
Hide in a see through jar
Make sure they won’t burn out

It’s easier not to realise
That i won’t get to fly
Conquer a million stars
I’ll humbly wear my wrinkled scars
Frown with worried eyes but
Sigh as another season goes by my side

Admire autumn sky
Track Name: On the Outside
I can’t seem to find my place any more
It’s covered with years of steps I made on my own
Of men casting spells and praising wrong
Gods! Please forgive me
I can’t catch up with thee
Trying to grasp your plan
I got stuck in the meantime

I got disproportionate to my own home
It’s now so hostile, full of cranks and holes
It crashes me between it’s walls!
I don’t want to be trying to fit in here
This skin’s not to my liking
Hide my wounds in the daylight
It won’t take long to be pointed at

One day I’ll stumble across my very spot
It perfectly matches the mosaic of the road
See as it blooms in a wilted world
Which pulls out from sealed depths
Madness and inhuman rage
That gets so contagious
No one’s in control

Numb me with illusive charms
You sing me for goodnight
Under starry skies

Dance my dreams away
Too far to emulate true life
Delude with makeshift smiles

Blind my eyes to make me laugh
The prism of your lies
Refracts defeated mind

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