by Calm State

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Wind 03:57
Hear the wind at your door See it dance with the treetops Swarming swirls, birds in glide Whittling shapes out of skies Carry me weightless Like the white of clouds Wistful dreams are sliding down The wings of the albatross With a rain of heavy drops Night wanderings Find the footprints I leave / Slowly stroll Never mind the hindering dawn / Feel the gusting spurts of night Breaking waves ripple the calm Soaring spirals chase my signs Foaming ridges, sweeping tides Take me – to all the places I want to see Take me – I don’t mind stormy seas Make me – let’s embark on this hasty trip Make me – I need your heartening
There’s a time that holds my thoughts Like when a morning beam of sun wakes your eyes It cons and conjures me with All these resounding echoes of songs that we danced to Merciless mystery that I can’t embrace Of abiding love squeezing my heart As it beats too fast I still love you...
Samba Fling 02:32
Cows At Play 02:11
Light of heart If not of hoof Grass and earth under foot, heads in the clouds This beauty, so fleeting If only, if always We share it, us earthlings We know it, this true thing Inside us same thing The wild we tamed Dance, prance, play, grass and hay These bovine beauties
Sorrento 04:37
I saunter through another day There is no place I have to be Well in tune I resonate With the waves of clear and salty heat Ankle deep I dip my time In the surface green and the azure Slowly strumming my guitar I look for chords to keep me here I long for you, Sorrento Under the nights of open skies I lay my head, Sorrento And count your every shining star An hour turns into a day When taking in the sights around Try to capture and describe Become the ocean’s coming tide I dwell in the warmth and comfort of A memory that became my whole world I could swim across the seas And breathe the air of sunny dreams
Wait Up! 04:02
From the faintest white of mist The last glow of waning moon and you fade away Call on me to take your hand I’m idle in my love, I only reminisce Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Are you a mirage my heart felt the need to carve? Just a few words you say with warmth Before you turn into wind, a haunting memory Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Are you a mirage my heart felt the need to carve? Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Wait up! Stay awake with me, cause dreams could be too real The draining solitude, through the cold of night with you! I narrow my eyes to catch a glimpse All colours have blended deepening the hollow realm Yet another sleep I wait Till I can say out loud and share a ‘Good night’
Playing some chords A farewell to falling leaves Waving goodbye With a melody so green Now until the spring before they can hear us When it comes We will hear A symphony of seven lands, singing arias, breathing in And no matter how small And no matter how evolved


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released June 8, 2015

all music and lyrics written and recorded by Sebastian Florek
saxophone in 'Samba Fling' by Mervyn Sayers
bass in 'Samba Fling' by Oswaldo Andres
lyrics in 'Cows At Play' by Paula Barry

artwork by Paula Barry Art


all rights reserved



Calm State Wicklow, Ireland

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